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In Fitzgerald, GA, when it comes to keeping your fleet running like a well-oiled machine, tons of questions appear. Discover the answers to frequently asked questions and learn about specialized services that can return your heavy-duty vehicle and equipment to peak condition.

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How Do I Get A Fleet Contract? 

Begin your search for a fleet account by exploring opportunities with local governments and municipalities. State, county, and city administrations often manage substantial fleets requiring regular maintenance. Generally, these accounts are awarded through competitive bidding, with the lowest bid often being favored by government entities.

Do All Trailers Need Grease? 

Yes, all trailers require grease for proper maintenance. Greasing is essential for lubricating moving parts like wheel bearings and suspension systems, reducing friction, preventing wear, and extending the lifespan of these components.

Why Is It Called Semi-Trailer?

It's called a semi-trailer because it doesn't have a front axle and relies on a tractor or a dolly for support at its front end. This design allows a significant portion of the semi-trailer's weight to fall under the tractor or dolly.

What Are The 3 Types Of Preventive Maintenance? 

The three types of preventive maintenance for heavy-duty trucks are; routine maintenance, like oil changes and tire checks; scheduled servicing, based on time or mileage; and predictive maintenance, using data and diagnostics to anticipate and prevent potential issues.

How Long Do Bus Engines Last? 

Bus engines, particularly those in heavy-duty buses, can last between 250,000 to 500,000 miles with proper maintenance. The lifespan depends on factors like engine type, usage intensity, and adherence to regular maintenance schedules.

What Are The Duties Of Equipment Repair? 

An equipment mechanic’s role involves managing the functioning of company machinery and equipment, conducting inspections for malfunctions, and swiftly repairing any faulty parts to avoid hindrances in operational efficiency.

Why Do Semi Trucks Break Down?

Semi-trucks often break down due to reasons like engine issues, transmission failures, electrical system malfunctions, tire problems, and wear and tear from long hours on the road. Regular maintenance and inspections are crucial to minimize these breakdowns.

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R And R Diesel Repair, located in Fitzgerald, GA, operates Monday-Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM and Saturdays by appointment. Offering 24/7/365 mobile, roadside, and towing services. Our commitment extends beyond Fitzgerald, reaching across Eastman, Americus, Cordele, Douglas, Waycross, and Tifton, ensuring that wherever you are, R And R Diesel Repair is there to provide expert and timely service, any time of day or year.

Your Repair Partner in Fitzgerald, GA

In Fitzgerald, GA, consider R and R Diesel Repair as your ally in keeping your fleet running at its best. With our comprehensive repair services, we ensure that every part of your truck, from the engine to the exhaust, works in perfect harmony, keeping your fleet on the road and your business moving forward.

Our Services

Our services range from routine maintenance to complex repairs and heavy-duty towing, all performed with the highest standards of quality and efficiency. At R And R Diesel Repair, we're not just a repair shop; we're a partner you can trust, committed to keeping your fleet moving smoothly and efficiently.

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"I called Affordable Diesel Repair and they scammed me out of 520.00 but Shout out to Kirk.. He came out and fixed our clutch petal and charged a fair price.. 10 Stars if I could!!!"

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