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Fitzgerald, GA

In Fitzgerald, GA, our expert team specializes in general diesel truck services, offering comprehensive solutions for heavy-duty truck maintenance and repair. We focus on delivering quality, efficiency, and reliability to keep your fleet performing at its best.

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What is included in a truck Preventative Maintenance?

A truck preventive maintenance typically encompasses a series of checks and services. Often referred to as "maintenance check-out" or "safety inspection," preventative maintenance. A service includes a thorough safety inspection and lubrication. This involves examining critical components like brakes, lights, tire condition and pressure, and fluid levels. Additionally, it involves inspecting and adjusting components prone to high wear.

Top Repairs and Services 

Heavy-Duty Aftertreatment Systems

General diesel truck services include comprehensive aftertreatment system maintenance, which is essential for reducing harmful emissions and meeting environmental standards. These services involve inspecting and cleaning key components like Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (DOCs) and Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs), ensuring they function efficiently to reduce pollutants. Skilled mechanics also diagnose and repair issues related to the aftertreatment system, such as sensor malfunctions or exhaust flow obstructions, to maintain optimal engine performance.

Heavy-Duty HVAC Systems

HVAC system services for diesel trucks focus on ensuring a comfortable cabin environment for drivers, which is critical for long hauls. mechanics perform checks and repairs on components such as compressors, condensers, and evaporators, alongside ensuring the refrigerant levels are adequate for efficient cooling and heating. Regular HVAC maintenance also includes cleaning air filters and checking for leaks, ensuring the system operates effectively and the air quality inside the cabin remains high.

Heavy-Duty Brake Repair

Brake repair services for diesel trucks are crucial for safety, involving thorough inspections of brake drums, airlines, S-cams, and slack adjusters. mechanics also focus on maintaining the hydraulic and air brake systems, checking for leaks, and wear, to ensure that all components meet safety standards. Regular brake maintenance includes adjusting slack adjusters, checking brake drum quality, and ensuring the entire braking system functions reliably to handle the heavy loads typical of diesel trucks.

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R And R Diesel Repair, located in Fitzgerald, GA, operates Monday-Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM and Saturdays by appointment. Offering 24/7/365 mobile, roadside, and towing services. Our commitment extends beyond Fitzgerald, reaching across Eastman, Americus, Cordele, Douglas, Waycross, and Tifton, ensuring that wherever you are, R And R Diesel Repair is there to provide expert and timely service, any time of day or year.

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Choosing the right partner for your fleet's maintenance and repair needs is as crucial as the services themselves. R and R Diesel Repair’s approach to truck maintenance blends technical expertise with customer-centric service. Reach out to us for exceptional maintenance and repair services that will keep your fleet running smoothly. Let's drive your business forward with unmatched service quality and dedication.

Our Services

Our services range from routine maintenance to complex repairs and heavy-duty towing, all performed with the highest standards of quality and efficiency. At R And R Diesel Repair, we're not just a repair shop; we're a partner you can trust, committed to keeping your fleet moving smoothly and efficiently.

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