Towing Services in
Fitzgerald, GA

Even the most robust heavy-duty trucks can find themselves stranded in Fitzgerald, GA. The reality of the road is harsh: accidents, mechanical failures, or a simple tire blowout can halt truck operations. We offer heavy-duty towing services to bring your vehicle out of busy roads for repairs.

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General Causes for Towing Services in Fitzgerald, GA

Emergency Breakdowns: When the unexpected happens, time is of the essence. Our mobile towing team specializes in handling emergency breakdowns with the efficiency and speed your situation demands. Whether it's a transmission or engine meltdown, our crew is equipped to get your heavy-duty or medium-duty vehicle off the road and to safety, pronto.

Accidents and Collisions: Accidents are a messy affair, often leaving more than just bruised metal. Our towing service understands the delicacy required in such situations. From a minor fender bender to a major collision, our team is trained to manage the scene with the utmost care, ensuring your fleet vehicle is recovered without further damage.

Mechanical Failures: A mechanical failure can feel like a betrayal by your trusted steed. Our towing service isn't just about moving your vehicle; it's about understanding the why and how. We take a closer look to identify underlying issues, whether it's a transmission or engine meltdown, and we offer insights that could prevent future breakdowns.

Flat Tires and Tire Blowouts: Tires aren't immune to the road's whims. Flat tires or a sudden blowout can leave a truck stranded, but not for long. Our towing services include rapid response to such tire troubles, ensuring your vehicle isn't left vulnerable on the roadside for longer than necessary.

Stuck in Mud/Snow: The road less traveled turns out to be a mud or snow pit. Equipped with the right tools and know-how, we pull your vehicle out of its muddy misery or slippery snow, getting it back on track in no time.

Areas We Service

R And R Diesel Repair, located in Fitzgerald, GA, operates Monday-Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM and Saturdays by appointment. Offering 24/7/365 mobile, roadside, and towing services. Our commitment extends beyond Fitzgerald, reaching across Eastman, Americus, Cordele, Douglas, Waycross, and Tifton, ensuring that wherever you are, R And R Diesel Repair is there to provide expert and timely service, any time of day or year.

Your Go-To Towing Partner

We understand the intricacies of heavy-duty and medium-duty trucks and the importance of keeping your fleet moving. Whether it's a roadside hiccup or a more serious mishap, we’ll tow your truck. Trust us to be your fleet's lifeline, ensuring that every journey, no matter how rough, has a reliable safety net.

Our Services

Our services range from routine maintenance to complex repairs and heavy-duty towing, all performed with the highest standards of quality and efficiency. At R And R Diesel Repair, we're not just a repair shop; we're a partner you can trust, committed to keeping your fleet moving smoothly and efficiently.

Trusted by our customers

"If Kirk or Reggie can't fix it, no one can. They are amazing. Fast service and prices are great."

- Donna

"This is the only place you need to bring your diesel vehicle to get work done! Amazing staff and fast service!"

- Bolar Coffee

"I called Affordable Diesel Repair and they scammed me out of 520.00 but Shout out to Kirk.. He came out and fixed our clutch petal and charged a fair price.. 10 Stars if I could!!!"

- LaJean

"Awesome mechanic service!! Would definitely recommend they also have great customer service!"

- Stephanie

"The shop really took care of me treated me like family while I was there."

- Ronnie